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Upcoming Training, Practices and Meetings (For RFD Members)
218 West Street, Rewey WI  53580
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Rewey Fire Department and First Responders
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FIRE CHIEF Lavern Naeger
            1st Asst Chief Dave Milestone                     ASST.CHIEF Tom Hakeve Milest
Junior Firefighter Program
Want to join the Rewey Fire Department?  Come to a meeting (1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the firehouse) and express your interest in joining, and the officers will get you set up with a Firefighter Class OR First Responder Class and explain the requirements. 
Please take into consideration your other activities before joining the Rewey Fire Department and First Responders.
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Monthly Meetings
Fire meeting
Feb. 5, 2020    6:30 pm
Mar. 4, 2020   6:30 pm
Apr. 1, 2020   6:30 pm
Fire Chief/First Responder     Lavern Naeger
1st Assistant Chief                  Dave Milestone
2nd Assistant Chief/First Responder Tom Hake

Firefighter        Eric Halverson
Firefighter        Steve Hardy
Firefighter        Brandon Woods

Firefighter -Trainee  Adam Thierfelder

Firefighter RET Tim Chandler
Firefighter RET  Dallas Lisney
Firefighter RET  Dennis Williams

RIT Team Members:
  Lavern Naeger

Firefighter/EMT                  James Milestone

Firefighter/First Responder Ann Kemink
Firefighter/First Responder Don Rider

First Responder                   Alicia Milestone
First Responder                   Brandon Woods

Honorary Members  Daniel Woods
  Matt Commack
                               Frank Naeger      
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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
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